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Motor activity - Football 3

Method Description: Three children play a simplified game of football: a child is in the middle, the other two children are on each side. On each side, two pole (or other brand) mark goals. One player before a goal starts and tries to score in the goal on the other side by dropping the ball by foot and trying to pass through the center without the child at the center will grabs the ball. The child catches the ball in the center, near the child's second goal made the goalkeeper and try to prevent the ball from entering the goal. If the child arrives at the center to catch the ball is place that will keep the goal and child who lost the ball goes in the middle.
Inclusion Goal: This game allows one side the children to physically move. Motor activity, co-ordination, concentration and precision movements are stimulated. Similarly, although there are fewer rules to follow that football "normal", it allows learning first rule sen small group. This game allows participation for children who are still struggling to play in a bigger team in learning the rules step by step. It enables physical mainly to children with motor hyperactivity or restlessness to find calmer afterwards.
Challenges: learn to respect the rules and dose strength in a ball game is not easy for all children.
Success Indicators: children play together, respecting the rules and taking into account the other children (adjust these forces to avoid hurting someone) children is the relaxation to regularize their tone and their agitation learning motor coordination and agility with a ball
Keywords: movement, agility and motor coordination, défoullement, respect and learning simple rules