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Organization and structuring of study time

Method Description: Achieving school exercises (homework at home) independently is a challenge for some children, not at the level of the exercise itself, but at the structure and orientation in time. To enable children to reach their duties independently as much as possible, we offer an orientation in time and a structure using different hour glasses before starting work: the educator looks with each child what exercises are realize: they estimate how long the whole exercise can take: the child chooses a hour glass function: he knows as he has sand in the upper part is the time to do homework.
Inclusion Goal: The goal is to enable all children to learn to do their exercise independently and find direction in time. It allows a clear structuring and self-employment in small steps. The other children, not necessarily requiring this assistance, know the method and also use it for self-regulation when new challenges or help a child in difficulty concentrating in proposing him to choose an hour glass.
Challenges: IT is very important, especially early well and estimate the time required to select the right hour glass to enable a successful child.
Success Indicators: the child chooses himself an hour glass for exercise to perform and does its job independently children this gives the child an orientation in time and the organization of its work
Keywords: organization and structuring of time promoting self-employment support hourglasses concentration
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