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Traffic lights to regulate the sound level

Method Description: During communal meals, twenty children are in the same room. Some children with attention deficit disorders and hyperactivity tend to talk louder/shout to all the group of children following. This results in a loud, excited children. To avoid this vicious circle, children, supported by their educators have all sets up a self-regulating system noise. They put together a traffic light taking 3 volume levels: green: it's quiet - orange: we are comfortable; the sound level goes up - be careful and talk less strong red: the sound level is too high, does us more good. - 2 minutes silence calm the atmosphere. the levels are indicated with an arrow. Every day another child is attentive to the sound level. When noise is too loud, he gets up and turns the arrow. This visual cue helps children to restore calm
Inclusion Goal: The goal of this method is to support children, self-regulating noise in the group, especially a child with attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity talking very loud and excited by the after. In this way, children put all agree between them-without the adult will have need to step in and make remarks - especially in children with ADHD.
Challenges: Some children may want to be too harsh - but the fact that children are responsible in turn helps to indicate the sound using threshold at a fair management for all children.
Success Indicators: The children, especially children with ADHD are aware of themselves and the sound level monitor themselves. The atmosphere in the group is relaxed.
Keywords: Self regulation traffic lights
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