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Learn the names of the children group

Method Description: To help a child with trisomy 21 to find his place in the group and to learn the names of other children, the child in question helps to distribute fruit after the meal. A plate with different seasonal fruit is prepared (for the desert or to taste). The child calls his peers by name. The child named said the name of the fruit he wants to eat. The child who distributes the fruit gives the fruit asked his comrade.
Inclusion Goal: The aim is to facilitate contact between children and help a child with trisomy 21 to learn how to pronounce the names of his peers. In addition, the child learns to enter into dialogue and to provide the required fruit. He learns about the fruit.
Challenges: We must be careful not to over exposure to children with disabilities. Therefore, it is favorable to also leave the other children distribute some fruit.
Success Indicators: children interact and dialogue children each learn their names.
Keywords: learn the first names to dialogue learn about seasonal fruits