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A Simple Rule To Follow

Method Description: This resource has two purposes, the first part relates to the attachment briefing sheet (be unwilling to accept the authority of staff, or allow themselves to be taught). The second part of the resource relates firm boundaries. This resource is for all of the children in class. For pupils who are engaged in learning and not showing behaviours of concern receive a point for the character chart. If the pupil collects ten ticks he/she is rewarded a point, including a reward off a choice board at the end of the morning. Rewards can be: computer programme or reading favourite book. If however the pupil has three dots he/she has a consequence. Pupils receive a consequence if behaviour is not good, this is usually done verbally. The consequence is discussed together and agreed that the choice board would not be on offer. Some pupils may need a visual rule reminder (on left) to collect the points highlighting a consequence if behaviour for learning was not at the level it should be. The ‘follow instructions board’ is a wipe board; this is used often by all children in class for various reasons, so again it is seen to be a common resource used within the classroom.
Inclusion Goal: To give firm boundaries and experience positive interactions
Challenges: Providing support when the pupil appears not to want much contact with others, avoiding staff and seeming indifferent to new situations.
Success Indicators: To have an understanding of firm but positive boundaries within the environment
Keywords: Relationships Firm boundaries Expectations
Attachments: A_simple_rule_to_follow.pdf