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Skills to count and remember dates

Method Description: A child with autism has the special skills to be able to count in 7 different languages ​​and to retain the birthdays of everyone he knows. The other children are fascinated by these skills. They start a game in which the child with autism is the teacher who teaches other children the counting of numbers in other languages. In addition, children always inquire about birthdays and holidays and the child with autism has become accustomed to alerting others to the arrival of a significant date in order to prepare for festivities.
Inclusion Goal: The objective is to support and develop the special skills of the child. These skills are used in different games for children - some games are even invented by the children themselves. Thus, children learn that everyone has skills that can be mobilized to contribute to the group and that everyone has areas in which they need support and learning.
Challenges: It is important not to expose the child with autism with his or her special skills to an excessive extent. Next, we must ensure that these little games do not become too stressful and that small responsibilities remain rewarding.
Success Indicators: Children have fun with the fact that the child interacts with the group and that everyone can learn from each other.
Keywords: counting, different languages, good memory, anniversary dates, valuation skills