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Empowering motor skills using the "Slakeline" tool

Method Description: The activities of movement, if possible in the open air, allow participation of all children in the group and encourage independence for their development. The "Slakeline" tool consists of 2 hanging ropes (e.g. between two trees, the first rope about 30 to 50 cm from the ground, the second about 1 meter higher.) The children can swing on the first rope rope by reaching for the second. The tool allows children various physical exercises of balance and precision. A child invents a movement and shows it to other children who try to imitate it or to vary the movement shown.
Inclusion Goal: The objective of this method is to allow all children to participate in a physical activity that supports motor skills in general, balance and precision. As children invent exercises using this tool, this activity encourages interaction between the different children by highlighting the skills of each child.
Challenges: It is important to ensure that children have the opportunity to experience their skills and that they do not feel overwhelmed by being afraid to use the Slakline.
Success Indicators: Children appreciate that the child interacts with the group and the children learn from each other.
Keywords: Slackline, Motor activity, Stimulation of balance, Interactions
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