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Learning to follow instruction using dance

Method Description: Children should work in small groups that are run by educational staff. The children form a circle at the request of the teacher and follow the instructions during each song. These songs contain actions and movements, such as going out and entering the circle, putting oneself in the center of the circle, and performing some action or copying those of others. Regarding the songs, two examples: "Here we go round the Mulberry Bush" or "In and Out the Dusty Bluebells."
Inclusion Goal: Children will develop their listening skills and the ability to follow instructions. In addition, group activity will develop children's ability to work with their peers and develop an understanding of each other's skills.
Challenges: Children are tested on their attention abilities as they are led to listen well to the instructions given by the song. The activity can be adapted to the mobility of different children, but children must be able to follow the movements independently.
Success Indicators: Children follow instructions correctly, work together and contribute to the activity with their own ideas.
Keywords: Follow verbal instructions
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