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Independently prepare a simple hot meal (e.g frying eggs)

Method Description: Understanding the resources needed for frying eggs and its function (cooker and hob, pan, plate, fork) - Understanding the foods needed for frying eggs (eggs, oil, salt and other optional) - Practice the way you use the stove and pointing out the dangers in using the stove - Practice using the utensils needed for frying eggs (putting oil into the pot, putting the tray involved hotplate) and pointing out the dangers that can arise during it - Practice preparing eggs for frying (breaking the eggs and put into a bowl, mixing eggs, putting salt and other spices if desired) - Practice the way you fry eggs on the stove (putting the mixed eggs into the pot, stirring the eggs to not burning) - Recording when frying eggs - Practice the process of frying eggs
Inclusion Goal: Using a stove/oven correctly and safely. How to fry an egg
Challenges: safety issues, knowing how to use gas and or electric stoves/ovens. Wearing correct clothing e.g. an apron in case of oil splashes. Wearing oven cloves. Understanding the correct temperature of the oil before adding the egg
Success Indicators: The egg is fried and edible No spillage of oil Completed safely
Keywords: Heat Oil Safety