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Welcome body parts

Method Description: The children move around the room, possibly to music. At a signal, or when the music stops, call out a body part, the welcome, the children (touch) to. No child may be left out. Examples: back, elbow, foot, shoulder, back of the head, ....
Inclusion Goal: Body awareness, appropriate touches (power metering), work together to solve the task
Challenges: Flexibility, body awareness, knowledge of body parts, overview of the group, I have to touch someone forgot?)
Success Indicators: The touches may not be rough, it should not cause any "commotion", the children dare to touch. Followed by a discussion with the children: What was it like to touch others? What was it like to be touched? Which parts of the body it was particularly pleasant?
Keywords: Body perception, senses, contact, meet, play, kindergarten, school,