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Resource Treasure Hunt

Method Description: Regular creatively designed parent-child group build (observing the child in his actions by a one-way mirror or video recording) on ​​the strengths - a partnership, characterized by appreciation and respect cooperation between parents and educational professionals with common views on the welfare and development potential of the child.
Inclusion Goal: The early discovery of the individual resources of children and their families, so their "treasures" - talent and skills - is the goal. Regular meetings of educator, families and children within a specially designed group strengthen the views of the child, can learn from each other and thus create new opportunity spaces for the common everyday life and further development.
Challenges: find appropriate premises, motivate parents to cooperate and the "deficit view" draw on the strengths of the child, the child has no parents in one room and embarks on the group offers.
Success Indicators: Child and family are been strengthened in that the transition to a regular kindergarten or a school rule can be more easily accomplished. Bond and relationship between parent and child is secure.
Keywords: Bond together, creative, treasure, resource-oriented, relationship, contact, self-esteem