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Protective Ball

Method Description: The children are in the circle. Three children are in the middle of the circle. Each one receives a red ribbon with a "protected" tag. the outsiders should throw a soft ball towards the protected child. The other two children in the middle of the circle are trying to protect the defender with his body or catch the ball and throw it back. The protected kid can not do anything, he can hide behind his defender. The outsiders try to hit them with ball. then roles change.
Inclusion Goal: The children who are protected, how one feels when one can not do anything, or is not able to do something yourself. The children from the outer circle can afterwards tell how it feels to throw defenseless on someone.
Challenges: develop attention, flexibility, strength dosage, targeted throwing together strategies, ...
Success Indicators: The children learn for themselves learn to empathize. Or how it feels , "attack" in need of protection.
Keywords: Ball games, empathize, throwing, mobility, attention