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Going into Hospital - empowering through pictures

Method Description: This book helps to prepare and support people being admitted to hospital, by explaining what happens, covering planned admission and accident and emergency. Feelings, information and consent to treatment are addressed.
Inclusion Goal: Many people can understand pictures better than words. The books tell a story, but they also let the reader tell their own story - the one they see in the pictures. This can tell you a lot about a person's inner world and their understanding of situation.
Challenges: No apparent challenges as it is a resource which is mobile and can be read independently. For those who prefer electronic visuals an App has been designed, it is a fast and simple way to access pictures that will help enable the people you care about to explore and understand the world. It is a unique and easy to use mobile tool, which aids communication, decision making and self-exploration.
Success Indicators: To encourage understanding and reduce anxiety
Keywords: Life's challenges App (now gives you access 1800+ pictures and 400 scenarios (short stories) at your fingertips) Beyond Words book club Encourages social interaction
Media Links: http://www.booksbeyondwords.co.uk/book-clubs
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