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Vote yourself together, balance and tone

Method Description: The activity is best done in a gym and is well suited for the holiday season (Christmas). A group of 8 children aged 5+. Resources needed: 4 Creepers, 4 jump ropes and 4 Santa Claus caps. The children try alternating the first skateboards. Then they divide into two groups. A child of a group of two is Santa Claus, sitting with the cap on (roll mat-) carriage and holding the reins (the rope ends) in hand. The other child is the reindeer and holding the rope in front of his stomach. The reindeer child starts to move. Santa can say "fast" or say "slow", and the reindeer need to hear it. So both move through the hall and make sure that there are no clashes with the other carriage. Finally, all sit together and discuss what and how they experienced it. Of course, this game is also independent of the Advent and Christmas festival.
Inclusion Goal: The children learn to coordinate with the other and to express their desire ( "fast" or "slow"). they cope addition, a challenge to the tone (both sitting and dragging) and on the balance. They must also be on the other teams and make sure that there are no clashes attention.
Challenges: Vote as a joint action, articulate their own needs, challenge to a reasonable tone and balance, overview of the overall situation.
Success Indicators: Common seed Driving / Pulling with as little falls and with as little releasing the ropes, pleasure common Prove.
Keywords: Tone, balance, small group, Vote in common actions, psychomotor