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Learn basic social skills

Method Description: The group should not include more than eight children, aged 5 years and older. The children sit with the pedagogical specialist in a small circle on the floor. As a material used blocks (Föbel blocks here are very good.) The educator chooses to prepare three times as many blocks from how children participate, so 8 children - 24 blocks. The blocks should be different. The teacher has prepared a bag with the blocks and empties it into the center of the circle. The heading for the children is: "We are building something together!" The rules are as follows: Each child chooses successively in turn a stone and placed him where and how it wants. Once they have chosen a piece it may not be changed, it must not be commented as well. The next child assigns its stone, as it wants to (besides, it, among them, up close or at a distance). So it goes on in turn until each child has had three off. Then we associate together in a brief conversation, what we see and how the building was.
Inclusion Goal: Children learn respect for others, acceptance of his ideas and actions, they are developing curiosity about what is produced and are an active part of the creative process, they bring their ideas into the Community with a, learn to wait and be attentive.
Challenges: Reset my own needs and desires, to open up to the joint process.
Success Indicators: The children follow with rules and find it interesting to see what the other is doing and what comes together.
Keywords: learn social, build together, adhering to rules, be attentive