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Free Play/Play/experiment with everyday objects

Method Description: Translator Turn off Instant translation 1442/5000 my free game (the experiment) to be given to the child within the group the opportunity to pursue their own ideas and impulses in his own game. Space: free surface Material: many different and colorful sponges (sponge, bath sponge ...) Time frame depending on the age: 15-20 minutes The children of the material, and the prompt: " lots of sponges! Please check them out, what can be done with it. What kind of ideas to play and try? The whole room is at your disposal! And it's been going. Have fun! " Possible game for kids that without additional guidance from adults: throw sponges in the air, kapuskidobáshoz, throw each other a sponge shower build roads, lay an obstacle course to take pictures Multilayer building, construction Role playing game, adorn themselves slide the sponges, balancing jump over the sponges, sponge, the sponge is hopping etc. interaction: are Games alone, in pairs, in small groups my ideas are coming out to throw, to develop Others ideas taken up, played together and changed At the end of each phase of the free game is a child-oriented thinking: The children have the opportunity to share their experiences and talk about what they had done. (Trust the feeling experience).
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