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Guess what?

Method Description: Parts - all objects and materials of various shapes and sizes that can be connected are brought to the classroom in advance, or classical materials are used. Put all the ingredients in a mixed basket. In turn, each child is asked to take an object by extending the hand of the basket. It is expected that the child will guess the object while it is in his hand without getting the whole of the object. After the prediction, it is required to reach the whole of the object. Estimate again. One of the materials used in the above activity is selected and covered with a cloth over half of an object. Children who are under-seen are asked to guess what the covered object is. After the forecasts are received, they should open the cover and look at the entire object and wait for them to re-estimate. Children who have never seen are given a piece of the object and are asked to guess what the object belongs to. Again, the sound of any animal, musical instrument or vehicle is 1-2 sec. and the voice is asked what it belongs to. Care is taken to ensure that the materials used in this activity are materials that the children already know and know
Inclusion Goal: They remember what they perceive. Experience and track-whole relationship
Success Indicators: 1. Object/situation/incident estimate. 2. With an estimated describes tips. 3. The real situation. With an estimated compares the real situation.
Keywords: Basket, cover, track-all