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Fun Maps

Method Description: Various environmental areas to children and teachers, this venue is positioned on goods and materials in order to understand the positions of the various shapes and tactile map, sketch and models. This model is taught primarily in the shape of the room with. Then the room is located within the materials (tables, chairs, boxes, Lego etc.) shows the locations. Class, bottom-top, left-right, up-down, back and forth, using concepts like class is provided to find the objects to move. This activity school corridors, other rooms and can also be used for outdoors. In addition, visually-impaired child can crawl the entire area of the class, given the child's hand book. Book according to the shape of the room can be a square or rectangle. In front of the door to the child is determined and shown this point book reference point. The boy moved from the reference point and an edge. By the way, just by tapping his hand on the edge of the book walks edge difference. When in the corner at the corner of the book touched the edges and corners of the room crawling this process are made.
Inclusion Goal: Space guidance relevant to position
Success Indicators: 1. tell me the location of the object's place. Places the object in the right place in accordance with the directive. 2. Place position. Use the map and the map.
Keywords: map, location