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What Would You Do? How would you feel?

Method Description: Repeat the finger game known teachers. The teacher asks the children to sit in the form of a circle. Kids listen to animal sounds; the children emulate the sounds. Then the teacher said, "you were a cat and cats children do not want to play with you, how would you feel? If you were a dog and children run away from you how would you feel? Think of it as a bird. The weather is very cold. You can't get food. What do you feel? "by asking questions such as the event continued.
Inclusion Goal: As an event or situation of other people's feelings.
Challenges: Children do not know all the animal sounds Children do not know how to express or understand emotions
Success Indicators: 1. tell other people's feelings. 2. the reasons for others ' feelings. 3. the results of other people's feelings.
Keywords: empathize