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Guests In The Garden

Method Description: The teacher talks about a garden setting. Then they go to the garden with the boy. Teachers "see on the ground what animal?", the question of the child's attention to the surroundings. Children's "turtle" have no future together, according to the level of the child giving the language of repetition. "Where is the turtle?" How the turtle feeds? with questions based on the answers of the child; lived on the ground, eating grass fed is shared. "What other animals on the ground alive? ' question," about the children's cat, dog. "Well let's see what animals live in the Earth?", the question of teacher pulls the child's attention to the worms. "Worm!" shares the name of the animal. Where worms live? the exploration of the "ground." language is shared.
Inclusion Goal: Supporting the development of the language
Challenges: Understanding new words
Success Indicators: 1. focus on the object to be considered/status/event. 2. Sedona object/situation/asks for the event. 3. attracting your attention object/situation/incident describes in detail.
Keywords: Language development, attention