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Visual presentation of the organization of the day

Method Description: In order to allow all the children to orient themselves in the time (organization of the day) and to feel thus reassured, we draw up a plan representing the weekly activities. This plan is made available in a place easily accessible for children (corridor, group room, ...). For each day of the week, the plan contains a series of images representing the planned activities. Activities such as meals, free games, etc., as well as more specific activities (excursions, DIY, swimming, ...) are represented. At the beginning of the day the children look at the images together and discuss what is planned. During the day, the children can come back to plan and to see what is the next planned activity, when the group will eat etc.
Inclusion Goal: The goal is for children to feel safe and able to navigate in time. This allows a common organization of the day.
Challenges: the images and the structure of the plan / table should be chosen in a way that is understandable to all children. In some situations, the pictures of the concrete situation can be a help. It is important to talk about the plan and to refer to it during the day when the group changes from one activity to another.
Success Indicators: Children know what the next activity is. They can show it or talk about it. Children show that they feel reassured.
Keywords: How the day went table with pictures of the different activities make it possible to orientate oneself in time Security feeling
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