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Morning Welcome

Method Description: We can use this method to support the arrival of the child to the early childcare center or kindergarten in the morning. Caregiver or teacher welcomes the child accordingly to his/her age and individual needs (e.g. by lifting , hugging and kissing a baby, or by addressing his/her name smiling and holding hands), to promote elevating. Teacher can ask: "How is your morning today?" and offer him/her to walk around the room, explore others to see what they do, and what activity he/she would like to join to? This calm, secure start of the day helps separation from parents, and create secure base to explore and cooperate with others.
Inclusion Goal: To create secure and calm the environment for the arriving child to help him/her to join the group.
Challenges: Challenging if the child arrives frustrated/distracted. In this case promoting calm and secure feelings is difficult. It can be a challenge too if there are too many kids in the group or more children arrive to the room at the same time. In these cases evaluation of needs and requirements is necessary. Intervention plan to satisfy the needs of the youngest or most needy baby first, and to involve the older one to the welcome ceremony by different way at the same time.
Success Indicators: Decreasing the calming time
Keywords: Secure base, morning welcome, feeling of security