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Body rhythm

Method Description: -Choose different instruments some instruments should be able to be attached to the body, e.g. Arms and legs (clasping strap) -Chose Music (CD), that invites to take part and to create rythms. -Each child picks one or more instruments (if necessary support them to make their choice) - Children make music together and try to create different thythms with their bodies. Focus on having fun and being creative!
Inclusion Goal: To create different rhythms through and with your body (running fast, clapping,...) and with different instruments.
Challenges: to give new Impulses and ideas in order to facilit├Ąte creative play and different games (to play alone or together, with different parts of the body...)
Success Indicators: Every child plays different instruments together with others.
Keywords: Music, instruments
Media Links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXvX6ilOgQM