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Children's cinema

Method Description: Environment: Creating a comfortable cinema atmosphere. For this, you need a screen or a TV and a corner with cushions or mattresses. Place: The presentation of the film and the elaboration of the role plays afterwards are located at the place of the crèche. Preparation: Structure of the surroundings and choice of important film sequences. Here, the importance is friendship and acceptance. Process: Hearing of the different key scenes. Children should sit comfortably together and watch the scenes. Then, at the end of each sequence, roles of the film are attributed (by chance) to the children in order to deepen the various messages of the film in order to internalize them. For this purpose, children are asked different questions, eg in relation to the feelings they feel when they are such and such a character and what they think, and what could have been done differently (better).
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Media Links: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlvSqVgIrdk