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Singing and Exercises

Method Description: Environment: Sufficient space with connection eg CD player Location: Nursery (also possible outside) Preparation: Creation of a sufficiently large space and selection of songs. Connect the CD player and obtain the CDs, and / or make available the instruments. Install a comfortable space with cushions and blankets. Sequence: Go to the comfortable corner to sing together 2-3 songs. Then the children stand in a circle. We explain to them some games of applause that they can repeat afterwards. Another possibility is that children receive different tasks for parts of the song and that are repeated when the music is played. An example of songs would be "Who stole the coconut? ". During the part "The monkeys run through the forest". the children run like monkeys in the room. The two methods can of course be combined.
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Media Links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofAmiS_6l5o