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Training of speech and language during morning welcome

Method Description: In order to train children's speech and language skills (also second language), we installed three settings of morning welcome: one play-group, where children build and create things and talk about it , a second group singing songs, memorizing rimes and playing physical games, and third group is a discussion-group with focus on philosophy for children, including the experience to listen, to get attention and to pay attention. All settings have clear and understandable structure.
Inclusion Goal: participation autonomy self-efficiacy language developement
Challenges: self-reflection (e.g. "hich experiences do I prevent?) What kind of barriers do I have to remove? to trust into the childrens self-education-competences
Success Indicators: Children like these morning settings, they are engaged. There is no preferred setting, chidren attend every group.
Keywords: kindergarden, morining welcome, daily routine, participation