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Together drama

Method Description: A vision is read (hungry caterpillar) - the various roles of the children distributed (child in a wheelchair playing the hungry caterpillar) costumes are adjusted dates for presentations to be arranged texts to be practiced ready to perform before the parents, friends and relatives
Inclusion Goal: The aim was to draw up a play, each child - may, irrespective of his / her abilities play an active role (author / screenwriter, understudy, actress, props manager, lighting technician ...)
Challenges: Group: 15 children aged 3-6 years. Among them, a child is in a wheelchair (wheelchair user)
Success Indicators: All children to be actively involved to their full extent, have fun!
Keywords: Theatre
Media Links: http://gondolkodjegeszsegesen.hu/meselj-jatssz-alkoss/bab-ja...