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Sensing images

Method Description: There are "visual" perception tasks for all children offered: Some images can be sensed (example of visually impaired children says the sighted), others are explained by sighted children. Prepared images with structures are distributed in a group of several children. The children are now divided into smaller groups - some children are blindfolded, others are asked not to talk, etc. - images are now palpated (examine or touch), sensed, perceived and then "described" a large group (the letter can linguistically be, but also by the riddle ...
Inclusion Goal: The direct aim is the children recognise structures on a picture and describe them with their options.
Challenges: Within the group of children, there is 1 child who is blind/visually impaired. They are encouraged to explore their tactile skills.
Success Indicators: If the children can explain the structures well and different information to connect (language, Feel, See ..).
Keywords: Feel, describe images
Media Links: https://www.sport-thieme.de/Tastspiele
Christian Mwakihaba:In the ''Inclusion Goal'' I find difficult to imagine those options which, the children could use to describe what they have felt or touched. Those are suppose to mean; drawing figures, or symbols, or even talk? Is a good practice which exerts the learning ability of a child!! But If it would be done more often could increase the efficiency of a child's leaning ability. on the whole experiment would have make more sense if the children selected were equal numbers of those who have vision impairment and the normal ones. i.e 5 with VI and 5 non-VI