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You can trust me

Method Description: The children are going to be split into little groups: 1.) The children make a circle. One child is going to go in the middle of the circle. The child in the middle of the circle should fall forwards or backwards without bending their body. The children who are standing in the circle are suppose to catch the child. 2.) In pairs (two children), one child has her/his eyes covered. He/she is blind/visually impaired. The other child is to take the visually impaired child across the room.
Inclusion Goal: The aim of this is to encourage the children to trust each other and to strengthen each other, but also to express their options if they need help or are scared.
Challenges: To encourage and develop mutual trust. Within the group there is a blind/visually impaired child.
Success Indicators: When the children have strengthened their trust with each other, the group becomes stronger. All children should feel confident in carrying out, but also with regard to situations where they do not feel safe.
Keywords: Trust, confidence, let yourself fall