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Perform important stories from their own culture

Method Description: Similar to the common play-acting. To include important stories (Narrative) to make a culture, which are sometimes excluded e.g. other faiths, such as Christmas, Bayram or Passover relate). All children develop together the study of dramatic composition and the representation of the main elements of drama on the stage. Costumes and scenery are crafted. Some sites are simple instruments (drum, claves) illustrates common samples and represent the history
Inclusion Goal: The direct goal is that all children can participate in the theatre performance.
Challenges: The task is to make a theatrical performance for all children to participate in. Group: aged 3-6 years, among the children there is a child with a Down syndrome.
Success Indicators: If all children are involved in the implementation of a representation of a wichtien Gescichte ((culturally) important/relevant stories) if the story is listed and children receive feedback from viewers.
Keywords: Christmas play