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Method Description: Different colour swing sheet is often used in the promotion of the position of your body in space for use. Builds social interaction; develops a sense of rhythm; builds language skills. Typically developed children and children with disabilities enjoy the gross motor swing game. Inclusive working with the parachute - each child holds the parachute, each child will put an object on the parachute and this is rotated (carousel ride) - Every child expresses (with the opportunities that it has what it likes while swinging or . rejects options: every child now maintains a color range of the colorful parachute - such as blue / yellow - now, while all the children holding up the cloth calls the educator "blue and yellow", the children have to go through under the cloth and change places..
Inclusion Goal: The direct aim is the children enjoy new movement experiences together, express likes and dislikes and communicate through movement.
Challenges: The design should enable a child with ADHD/ADD to feel included in primary school activities.
Success Indicators: If the whole group had fun and each child has had a go. Staff ensure the rules have been complied at all times
Keywords: Parachute (colorful)
Media Links: http://www.spielen-lernen-bewegen.de/pdf/Schwungtuch-Spiele....
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