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Classroom Rules Pictures

Method Description: Preparation: first we have to define classroom rules to help children's safety and secure feelings and to improve the quality of teaching. With older kids (up to 6) we can discuss important rules (defined in positive way) that help, work together in good mood. Then we have to draw pictures that represent these rules and help everyone to remember these rules continuously. In primary school we can ask children to draw pictures then choose the best of them to hang on the wall. Be aware of choosing pictures that are understandable for everyone, or we can print them from a web collection. Action: use these pictures every day to remind children of classroom rules and encourage children to help each other, to be pro-social and to remember rules by using pictures. Benefit: pictures help children with special educational needs to understand abstract concepts and rules, to remember them. For older and well functioning children, making pictures on their own is an achievement and helps involvement in to classroom processes, helps to feel important, and improves their self-confidence.
Inclusion Goal: Direct goal is to help kids to remember classroom rules, to follow them, and to encourage kids to help each other in pro-social behaviour.
Challenges: Be aware of choosing pictures with a negative message. Define and use maximum 6-8 rule pictures, otherwise it will be too difficult to follow them.
Success Indicators: Decreasing time of discipline, and frequency of misbehavior, increasing level of pro-sociability and helpfulness in the group are direct indicators of the success. Indirectly increased quality of teaching.
Keywords: Pro-social behaviour, classroom rules, picture method
Attachments: class_rules_1.pdf