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All children play football

Method Description: Sometimes it can be a challenge, above all to integrate children with risk of injury in group games (eg children with epileptic seizures) but to make, at the same time also an offer for all children. Children can be assigned different roles (Goalie / female, referee, defender ....). These roles can change. The size or the material of the balls can be changed.
Inclusion Goal: The included objective was that the children can all play football together and no one feels excluded.
Challenges: The task was that a kindergarten group includes a 5-year-old girl with epilepsy in their scheduled game
Success Indicators: If a child has noticed that it was intentional that the mats were laid out are. All children have fun.
Keywords: Football, Goal net
Media Links: http://videa.hu/videok/emberek-vlogok/a-csorgolabda-es-oktat...