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Movement experiences

Method Description: The aim is different movement experiences for all children - regardless of their difficulties of movement. In this example, an obstacle course can be set up in a gym: In this example, different senses can be stimulated, for example: - dark (through a cave crawl) - social skills (to 2nd through the Parkour (free running environment) - obstacles by jumping, climbing, rolling and leaping) - It should be ensured that the gymnastic equipment are technically feasible and size can be handled. - alternatives should also be considered - also possible support for difficult obstacles - are taken into account - encouraging the children themselves to problem solve
Inclusion Goal: The object was to make a moving unit in the group, also for short stature children in group.
Challenges: Focus of this delivery unit is that children learn new skills together. Similarly, the benefit of the children should be encouraged.
Success Indicators: All children able to use different movements (e.g. as a function of body size). When the group relax they will feel strengthened and all children in gymnastics had fun.
Keywords: Parkour, gymnastics, fun
Attachments: Handbuch_psychomotorik_7_0_x3.pdf