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Course of sense - perceiving with all the senses

Method Description: The use of different meanings is an important step in exploring and adapting the world around oneself. Particularly children with sensory impairments who are at risk of missing such experiences. The senses offer a chance for all the children to discover their different senses: the children can pass the two stations of the course and they support each other: the children discover different materials by feeling, smelling and tasting. 1st station: pebbles, grass, water and sand. 2nd station: wool, teddy bear. 3rd station: salt, sugar. For one of the two children one can also "hinder" one of the senses (blindfolding, not using arms, closing hands in wrist .... so that the other child guides the first child.
Inclusion Goal: The goal is to include a child with autism spectrum in this joint activity.
Challenges: During the activity, it is important to promote group work providing opportunities for all children to have fun together with their parents and enjoy the situation
Success Indicators: When the children feel more reassured in their encounter with each other. Children with autism spectrum disorder experiencing the same activities as other children.
Keywords: Feel, perceive, taste, touch