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Common parent-child gymnastics

Method Description: Including parent-child gymnastics is of course for the organization of such gymnastics for ALL children and ALL parents to participate. That in announcements should be noted that ALL children are welcome and ALL children require movement for example including children with cerebral palsy. To have space is essential for this parent-child gymnastics. There are several stations (a parent represents a station / the other parent goes with his / her child) 1. Station: parachute + eye contact 2. Station: mat with massage balls 3. stability ball (child on lap) 4 by a tunnel crawl 5. Silk scarves stations. All the exercises can be sung together, for example song: Hello, Hello, nice that you are there - The best game - and moving songs
Inclusion Goal: The aim of this delivery unit is for ALL parents to fully understand that ALL children can participate in such a parent-child gymnastics and that parents can also learn from each other in terms of communication and play.
Challenges: Parents with typically developed children might possibly think parents of children with disabilities will feel irritated and feelings of shame.
Success Indicators: If the interaction between parent and child is improved. Parents also connect with other parents. The contact with the child should be good.
Keywords: Communication, play, parent-child