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Contact Recording with their own and other parents

Method Description: The aim is for parents, regarding their own child and to other children with disabilities, plus immigrant children, contact recording can perceive how different it can be. 1. Circle time with the kids on your lap - various seating (beanbags, balls, chairs) It may be initially carried out a finger play as "My hands have disappeared" is performed to warm up. 2. mother and father sit her child against the child (possibly sit so close to each other that both are as close to the child) on the lap and conduct joint Fingering through. Finger game: "little snail" - http://youtube/edRzgTkSEd4 3. After a signal the "children" in the circle are 4. swapped "and new contacts - now the not-own child are possible, etc. Discussion group for the parents - children sitting on the floor. This is more of a game for the parents so that they come into contact.
Inclusion Goal: Parents may have different ways of contact experience, but also potential barriers to feel and reflect.
Challenges: The children's parents to adopt each other's confidence,
Success Indicators: If parents feel the difference in their contact and possible prejudices reflect.
Keywords: parents, ölbéli game
Media Links: http://youtu.be/uJKWthuTk2w