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Kindergarten for ALL children

Method Description: Included kindergarten is when it is naturally organized for ALL children. This should be mentioned explicitly in the program. Welcome circle with exercise and a hand puppet: - Initially can be sung to warm up introduction, each child can be located and identified. Parental leave: -The parents are now 5-10 minutes with their children alone. There are balls, mats and tunnels, which are made available for parents to offer support. Final round, meeting and completion finishes with a farewell song.
Inclusion Goal: The aim is to make offers open for ALL children deals CHILDREN. The required one hand organizational openness ((e.g. announcements, advertising), but also the assessment of necessary assistance (what we need in the group, so that all children and parents probably feel)
Challenges: Attachment disorders
Success Indicators: If all children and parents have fun on joint actions
Keywords: Parent/families