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I can "use" the trampoline correctly

Method Description: Target is to provide all children with the opportunity to effectively complete various positions (on the trampoline). Group size: 2-5 children - all children are on the trampoline, in a position which is possible for them and in which they feel comfortable. Children see-saw together and to "stop" with supporting communication (e.g. with symbol/picture/photo cards). The children/young people will be asked if they want to continue - the children give a sign that they want to go (gestures, tapping, ...)
Inclusion Goal: The aim of this activity is to give children the opportunity in situations (To use the trampoline correctly with control. This can bee.g. self-determination and can be done e.g. using language, signs or some form of visual aid (e.g. stop signs).
Challenges: To avoid the risk of accidents, this must be monitored, so very necessary to pay attention to each other each other.
Success Indicators: If each child can implement go-signals for active activities on Tampoline means of its communication stop and and experienced themselves effectively.
Keywords: trampoline, control, attention