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Method Description: This method helps caregivers and teachers in inclusion for children with ASD by organizing places and using children's own objects. It can be useful to place the child to sit at a table facing the window (if it is possible) where he/she can sit back or half-back to the others. This creates personal space, and calms the child. In addition to this, we can create an "own shelf" where staff can put personal belongings (water bottle, snacks, etc.) Staff can also create a personal "snug" so he/she can hide feeling and not feel too distracted or overwhelmed. For this purpose we can suggest using ear protector (ear defenders) to decrease distracting noise.
Inclusion Goal: To increase effectiveness of inclusion, and to help children with ASD to feel secure and calm.
Challenges: We have to teach other children not to touch the child's personal objects and respect his/her personal places. This can be beneficial for them too as they will become more empathetic.
Success Indicators: Child feels more safe, more secure, therefore less challenging behaviours, less instructing time
Keywords: ASD, place organisation, material prerequisites