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Hear? See? Touch? 2

Method Description: The aim of this method is to promote sensitivity to help children experiencing different kind of obstacles related to sensory impairments. Integrating this play to the different activities and playing it several times supports acceptance and development of social skills in group of children. Bag of dreams: "Let's lay on the floor, please don't touch each other with any part of your body! Imagine I have a bag full of with dreams - I can use it to create a kind of sleep for you. Please close your eyes. You will hear a nice music and I will walk around and touch a part of your body (your ear, your little finger). Please pay your attention to this part and try to memorize what did you feel when I touched you. Let the sleep begin! I am starting to walk around!" When we have finished we invite them to come back from the "sleep" and ask them to share their feeling, experiences - in a circle using a ball to pass to the next. Name parts of the body and point to them. Then we create a human body on the floor from kids to use them as a part of the body - every kids will be different part of the body according to what part was touched during the dream. We can draw a human body to a big paper too. We can check what is missing, and what is not working well enough or at all for someone. variations: - parts of the body (child) can tell what use of them, and what happening if it is not working - we can tell the features and characteristics of the body parts
Inclusion Goal: Same as 1.
Challenges: Same as 1.
Success Indicators: Same as the Hear? See? Touch? 1.
Keywords: sensory impairments, sensitiviy play, relaxation