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Jack, where are you?

Method Description: Game Description: The players are holding hands to form a circle, two of them go into the center. Both are blindfolded, one of them holds a scarf in his hand, the other one holds a whistle. They stand back to back and they all move three steps forward upon a signal. Then the one who has the scarf tries to hit the others with the scarf. Since none of them can see, they cannot find each other, though the one who has whistle is supposed to whistle sometimes. The other children can make the game complicated, they can make noises, sing, etc.
Inclusion Goal: To help accepting each other, to understand how difficult is to live with a sensory impairment
Challenges: The integration of children with visual disabilities is always difficult. The children do not understand what is like to rely on other senses, or how difficult is if the hearing does not work perfectly. This game will help in this understanding process.
Success Indicators: The increase in the acceptance and helpfulness
Keywords: sensory impairment, circle games, sensitization