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Method Description: How to Play: Stand behind each other and hold onto each other's waist - this forms a snake. A child, holding the vessel and a wooden spoon, stands outside the line. This child hits a simple rhythm, the "snake" has to jump a little bit forward in the same rhythm. It is not so easy, because the snake can easily break apart. After three successful jumps the snake-charmer stands by the end of the line, and the one who was the the serpent's head will be the snake-charmer for the next three rounds. Source: Heike Baum: Tasten, Riechen, Schmecken. Mit allen Sinnen wahrnehmen. Falken-Verlag Niedernhausen, 1996
Inclusion Goal: To help co-operation in group of different children with different abilities
Challenges: teachers have to pay attention to help child choose simple rhyme to help each other, and to provide every kid opportunity to be the drummer
Success Indicators: children enjoy moving together, they pay attention to each other, try to help each other
Keywords: movement, attention, rhythm