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Encourage free play between young children through adapted toys

Method Description: In order to allow a 12-month-old girl with severe visual impairment, some of the toys in a nursery group were marked with black-white stripes (by sticking black and white sticky strips). Toys e.g.goblets to build a turret, box with shapes, building bricks. We observed that not only the girl with the visual impairment was exploring in a concentrated way with these materials but that black-white toys also attracted the interest of the other children of the group, so that several young children between 9 and 18 months played and explored toys together with contrasting marks.
Inclusion Goal: The objective is to allow with suitable materials the opportunity to play and freely explore with all the children of the group
Challenges: By adapting the sjouets, it is important to ensure that the materials used are in accordance with safety standards.
Success Indicators: children play in parallel (for the youngsters and infants), but using the same equipment children play together with the same material (for children who have reached this stage of development)
Keywords: adaptation of toys by black and white stripes, ADPATATION for visual impairment
Media Links: http://www.tudatosszulo.hu/jatekok/kontrasztos-lapok-csomagb...