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Ball Parkour for all children

Method Description: The aim of this game is a ball to provide children with different abilities in the movement space possibilities of movement. Here are various ball sizes are used for all children, without causing, for example, to highlight or stigmatization of a child that, for example, only with a larger ball can move.
Inclusion Goal: The children are at the beginning of the game differently sized balls available (tennis balls, footballs, softballs, medicine ball, to a physical therapy ball). The size of the balls is thereby assigned to the children at random, so that there is no correlation between the abilities of the children and the size of the balls. In a sign of the expert, the children are allowed to move through a space whose function, the balls move so is (with the foot, hand, or with the entire body) without the balls with other balls or children collide.
Challenges: Children with motor disabilities or children with visual impairments are due to the different size ball for all children by not stigmatized. It may, however, be quite useful for the specialist, especially in children with motor difficulties that they face these children rather larger balls available. Activity: Move Different balls in motion area by signals (whistle or instrument). Children are instructed with clear "stop" signals conveyed regarding their movements. "To convey stroke type or stop signals" that can be taken alternately by the children
Success Indicators: Successfully this game is when all the children have fun and joy of movement and may try different ball sizes in different phases of the game itself
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