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Morning Circle: How do I feel?

Method Description: Activity: The children are shown emotion cards of people, the emotions can be expressed by language, signs, movements, through icons, etc.These different forms of representation are mixed in the sense of a card game and randomly handed out to the children. Staff must be ensure for example, a child with no expressive language does not automatically lead with the cards with verbal communication. If this is the case, however, another child may be the / spokesman / in for the nonverbal child, representing, for example, his mood through gestures.
Inclusion Goal: Inclusive aim of this game is to give all children a way of expressing themselves in the morning circle. It can range from the expert, different expressions are used and different children are allocated regardless of the ability or disability of a child. So some children can, for example, regardless of their disability or linguistic ability in children with an immigrant background, how they are doing in the morning. Others may e.g. make a drawing and can guess other children what they want to express.
Challenges: A single child may have difficulty in expressive language so does not to be stigmatized, for example, if other children can express their mood in the morning circle through gestures or sign language or by subscription or by other non-verbal signals.
Success Indicators: Successfully when the children are independent of their language abilities capable of using other forms of representation to express their mood in the morning circle
Keywords: self-expression