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Buddy system in school

Method Description: A buddy system encourages good friendships. It can be introduced in school or youth club. Over a period of time, 2 children or teenagers are allocated to one another as a buddy team or be randomly drawn by lot), and it is the task of the team, each other at different situations (homework, sports ...) to support. To an "interpreted" deprivation typically developed teenager to avoid, if they feel a child with complex learning difficulty to form, for example, a buddy team, the buddy team to be changed schedule weekly or monthly.
Inclusion Goal: The objective of this game is to represent and support processes, which are implemented in a group of children, for example, in a school or in a youth group, regardless of the skills or personalities of a child. Social groups, friendships and social networks are often formed and based on the basis of sympathy (or common interests). This may be particularly at secondary and at a young age cause young people to do very difficult with a disability or an immigrant background, build social contacts and support structures with peers
Challenges: In this exercise, we assume that it can also be the responsibility of the professional to customise by changing buddy random system in a group of children (school class or youth group) support networks
Success Indicators: To achieve acceptance for the exchange of buddy teams in different children and youth groups.
Keywords: Buddy system
Media Links: http://learn2bebuddies.blogspot.co.uk/2010/03/using-buddies-...