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Together explore the world in terms

Method Description: Looking at child care centers or child minders can be with children their significant (n) environment to explore (s) (park, garden, district) and each for important things like "relationships" (man, woman, boy, girl , boyfriend / girlfriend, child, mother, father ..) "Housing", "trees", "flowers", pond, "Animals", cars etc. both to experience the terms of the host country as well as respective original languages and to learn. If you go with their children through your garden, in your neighborhood, you might also prepare symbol cards for relationships, flowers, buildings, vehicles etc. before. Bind symbol cards to use as a visual support so that children connect respective phonological structures with symbols and invite the children to teach these concepts in their native languages ​​of the other children.
Inclusion Goal: Inclusive objective of this game is to enable children with different language backgrounds access to important concepts of their world. It's not just that children learn with a migrant background, the German language or other way to learn the language of their country of origin, but that it seems just as important to make an access to diversity of ideas for all children.
Challenges: A positive side effect of such an inclusive, non-stigmatizing way, it is also that the respective professionals basic vocabulary of another target language, such as Arabic, Turkish or Russian can learn etc.. Diversity of terms is intended to be highlighted in the experience of similar environmental and common understanding are promoted.
Success Indicators: Successfully this method is when all children develop an understanding of the diversity of concepts in different languages ​​and so may acquire some basic concepts of their friends and peers in other target languages.
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