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Develop joint projects

Method Description: Project planning, implementation and evaluation - brainstorming., the idea is to use a project formula, the concrete project planning and ultimately in the project implementation (Performing) are active involved. Consider as to, which representatives would be important here and what tasks, for example, the user / in can be transferred across all project phases.
Inclusion Goal: The target included for example in youth work can be in individual youth centers, youth clubs or youth groups who have quite promising project ideas towards inclusion of other teenagers with different educational background, language or performance or want to develop. Then projects are often created by respective project managers and carried out jointly with the target group.
Challenges: Represents the included challenge is that users of these projects, ie as children and young people from immigrant backgrounds, from different educational backgrounds or with different performance or restriction already embedded in all stages of project management
Success Indicators: Success parameter is, if the target group or users / are actively involved in projects of inclusion at all levels and in all phases of a project.
Keywords: Group, project, team