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A customization included homepage

Method Description: A website is designed together with the target group (children, adolescents, unaccompanied young migrants ...): which concerns the content, functionality, layout up to the user interface.
Inclusion Goal: Frequently, it is observed that service providers (kindergartens, schools, day care centers, centers of professional integration, etc.) do have websites, but usually the primary target group for these services (children, parents, young people looking for a job ...) in the creation of websites is hardly involved. So is frequently observed that the language of web pages for early intervention centers or kindergartens represents a technical language is not so much a language as for parents.
Challenges: The challenge included therefore represents, the primary address groups take into account their respective needs and capabilities in the design, for example, your homepage or website. This requires that ultimately all preparation and implementation steps must be discussed with representatives of the target group and the content and form of presentation must be "easy reading".
Success Indicators: Successfully this is inclusive method when the product is clear, that is, when it is clear on the homepage or in a concept that the target group has been actively involved here at presentation and is thus ensured to a large extent that the information meet the needs of the target group
Keywords: website, involved target population
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